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Who we are.

Safety professionals, vetting safety professionals. 

Excelsior Safety ltd. is a growing, Columbus-based occupational safety and health consulting company dedicated to providing clients with top-quality occupational safety and health professionals and guidance. Our contractors will meet a broad spectrum of clients’ needs: Consultation, staffing, and training.


We provide a unique approach by using industry experts throughout the entire placement process. Meaning, the people we have vetting candidates know the job. 

The cherry on top, maintaining an ongoing relationship with our clients to ensure the contractor(s) assigned to their projects are exceeding their expectations. 

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Let's connect!

Meet our President

I got my start in the occupational health and safety world when I was assigned the role of Battalion Safety NCOIC, during my time in the U.S. Army. I served for seven years as a Medic and can attest from first-hand experiences that the best treatment for any injury or illness is prevention. 

In 2014 I traded in my combat helmet for a hard hat. Since then I have attained multiple degrees and certifications in the world of occupational safety and health. I worked all over the Northeast on a variety of types of projects before finally landing in Columbus, Ohio in 2019 and starting Excelsior Safety ltd. a year later. 

I have a new mission now: Protect your company and your workers by providing a top-quality match for your safety and health needs.

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Jonathan Cammarato, CSP

Core Values

I can teach anyone OSHA standards; it's an individual's mentality and ability to coach others that make them a good safety professional.

- Jonathan Cammarato

At Excelsior Safety ltd. we believe whole-heartedly that a good understanding of regulatory standards alone does not make one an effective safety and health professional. To succeed, safety professionals need to master their knowledge, maintain a student mentality, and display an ability to effectively communicate with partner's at the executive level to the front line worker. We don't just hire professionals--we hire safety coaches and cultural change agents. 

At Excelsior Safety ltd. our recruiting and interviewing team are not human resources or business management professionals, they are safety professionals who know the intricacies of the jobs for which they are recruiting. It is likely that the very people finding your candidates are qualified for the job themselves. We are safety professionals, vetting other safety professionals to provide a first-class individual. The people we employ are hand-selected to best meet clients’ needs. From multimillion dollar projects to small businesses looking for guidance, we are dedicated to finding professionals that not only meet the project requirements but are a cultural match for each organization.

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