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Training Services

Training opportunities are endless. To help pin-point your training needs we have broken our training down into three categories. Here, you can learn about each type of training. 

Still not seeing what you need? Contact us. 

Outreach Training

Outreach Training is a voluntary program where qualified trainers provide employees knowledge on hazard recognition and basic standards for a given industry. The purpose of the program is  "to promote workplace safety and health and to make workers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights." Remember, outreach training does not fulfill the training requirements found in OSHA standards. See the Topic-specific training section below to learn more.

Topic-specific Training

There are hundreds of OSHA standards that outline training requirements. Unfortunately, many of these required trainings are ignored or ineffective. In fact, year after year there is at least one training standard in OSHA top most cited standards and a lack of, or overall ineffective, training a causational factors in many workplace incidents. Tell us about your topic-specific training needs. 


Retraining and refresher training is a process that includes teaching a skill or topic to a group of personnel who have received it before. Retraining is sometimes required at regular intervals to avoid personnel obsolescence due to technological changes and the individuals' memory capacity. In the least favorable circumstances, retraining is conducted as a result of an incident. Oftentimes, retraining can be targeted to an individual or groups shortcomings to save an organization time or money. 

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