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Custom Training Programs

Excelsior Safety ltd. is excited to help you train your employees! If you're starting from scratch or looking for the occasional audit, our training coaches can help. 

Our Preferred Training Model

The core of our training program services are built off of one or more facets of the ADDIE training model:

  • Needs analysis

  • Training design

  • Training content development/branding

  • Training implementation

  • Evaluation and ongoing management.



Implement a training program that works!

Excelsior Safety ltd. offers many occupational safety and health trainings, including OSHA Outreach (construction and general industry), CPR/AED/First-aid/responding to emergencies, and topic specific training.


Sometimes, it is more practical, and cost effective, for an organization to conduct their own training but they are unsure of their needs. A needs analysis is a systematic process of identifying and evaluating training that should be done, or specific needs of an individual or group. In short, a needs analysis is the difference between where an organization is vs where they want to be. 

If an organization knows exactly what they need but are not sure of the best approach to designing, developing, and/or implementing the required training Excelsior Safety ltd. is ready to assist with a training coach. Training coaches are professionals with a high-level of understanding in these areas. They can help with any/all of the stages of the ADDIE model. 


So you've honed in on your needs, designed, developed, and implemented top-notch training to your employees. Now what? One of the most overlooked pieces of the training puzzle is the evaluation. Many employers fail to conduct evaluations because they are unaware of the value. This crucial step ensures that the training you delivered was accepted by the trainees and can be effectively put to good use. Training is more than just checking a block. 

Wherever your organizational training needs fall it is worthwhile to talk to a training professional. Contact us to learn more about the ADDIE model. 

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